Turning back the clock long before the age of Celebrity endorsed restaurants and travel cook shows, an unheralded Goan Mr Nicacinho (Nicky) Martins who in his teens used to sleep on a hard tinned roof for a bed in pursuit of a dream while working on his first job at the Sun and Sands hotel in Juhu, a dream 18 years later during his tenure as Hospitality Head, Corporate Events - ADMA OPCO would yield in 3 of his dishes being showcased in the UNESCO aid for Africa culinary cookbook in the year 1983 in the process putting Goa on the International Culinary Map.

Nicky woud later return to Goa to realise his lifelong dream of running his own restaurant called Nial Restaurnt in 1990 that ran successfully for 5 years, a phase during which he unfortunately passed away. Nial would temporarily close down. His sons Cassy and Larry in their pursuit and love of culinary knowledge embarked on a journey taking them from Calangute to New York fuelling their ambition to bring International cuisine with a local touch to Margao and deliver something much more than just Butter chicken and fried rice to its citizens. And so Nial evolved in to Martins Multicuisine Restaurant with a Balcao styled Lounge.

While Cassy looks after the conceptualization and branding themes of the restaurant in General his brother Larry formerly a Med. Rep. and also qualified in production and food craft overseas the kitchen. Cassy who travels around the world on a trip to the scenic Mediterrean Island of Madeira was left spellbound by a dish called Steak on Stone a fantastic concept of cooking meats and vegetables on a volcanic stone in front of the diner and in matter of months this very concept debuted at Martins Margao quickly becoming a local favourite and even with International tourists. A similar sojourn to a local restaurant in Cozumel, Mexico where he stumbled into a fantastic steak dish called Tequila Steak and the rest was a formality as this dish in addition to a menu that now boasts the most varied and diverse range of steaks in whole of Goa. Not to mention going the extra mile of sourcing premium meats classes such as Turkey that are locally raised on their farmhouse in Chinchinim. All in all said the soul and identity is very Goan and that is not lost in their food where the production headed by well known Chef Anastacio Fernando, who after 2 decades away has returned to his homeland bringing his delightful range of local flavours in to your palate.