New Culinary Concepts

Martins @ Margao has been at the forefront for the last 4 years introducing new culinary trends rarely seen or experienced in the Country.

The Steak on Stone is and had always been the crowd favourite. Imported Volcanic stones from Chile are heated at 350 deg and bought to the diner’s table along with a marinated steak meat. The meat when placed on to the stone starts cooking and the diner can cook the steak to his or her liking therefore making it the most practical of all live cooking platforms.

The Steak on Stone is followed by another healthier and tastier concept of cooking Salmon on Cedar wood Planks. The Cedar Wood cut in to planks and customised for cooking are sourced from North America. The Salmon ranging from Scottish, Norwegian and Local is marinated with different herbs, grilled to perfection and served with a butter topping. Contemporary as the concept appears this was a very common min the method of cooking with forest tribes in early civilization.

A culinary experience is never complete when you relive the many pleasures of Spain, food being obviously one of them. A Cultural Hub of the Mediterranean, its always a pleasure to take a walk in the inner alleyways through the paved roads with bright multi-coloured dwellings. Its inspiration are the small bars that line up those alleyways. A afternoon or evening is never complete without taking in meal in the company of close friends over a Platter of Tapas. The Tapas is a combination of both and cold meat appetisers. Martins took the highlight of the Tapas which is the Spanish Chorizo and constructed a platter of hot platter around. Nothing is ever a original version if you ever do it yourself or ship the whole plate yourself. This lead to Martins making their own range of handcrafted chorizos complete with the hot smoked paprika shipped from Madrid, Spain. Martins @ Margao now offer a one of its kind, a complete hot meats appetizer Tapas Platter.

In a continuing effort to bring more of a live cooking factor to the diner’s table, Martins introduced the torched steak where it is seared by a blow torch at the table. What this does is that the juices are locked in and it's allowed to develop more flavour. By using high heat, they're able to brown the outside of the meat before the heat has time to penetrate very far into the interior. This yields a steak that’s perfectly cooked from edge-to-edge, with a thin but delicious browned crust on the outside. It's given a live flame to caramelise both sides, melt the grated cheese into the steak and a perfect sear finish to the steak.

The above show a handful of the International best sellers that have hit certain continents though not together but you can be assured that all of it is at Martins @ Margao and will continue to bring in whats best out there. Its easier to borrow concepts but never a guarantee that you can implement it the way it should and while Martins does it well, we also give it a more of personal touch to suit the local palate by offering a better range and choice.